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Recommended Movies

Pump Up the Volume
"The Truth is a Virus..."
..."When the FCC rolls up to arrest Harry and take him away, he tells his listeners not to give up, to live, and to "talk hard". Inspired by his example to tell the truth no matter how ugly it is, some students start their own pirate radio stations...."
Bennie & Joon, Johnny Depp/Mary Stuart Masterson...
"In a small town, an auto mechanic named Benny is devoted to taking care of his mentally ill sister, Joon, who can barely function alone in the real world despite being a talented artist. This relatively stable situation is shaken up when Benny is obliged in a poker game to welcome another player's relative, Sam, to his home for a few days..."
"Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought."
The Power of One
"The Power of One is an intriguing story of a young English boy named Peekay and his passion for changing the world."
The Forbidden Kingdom
A little bit 'Wizard of Oz'... a little bit 'Harry Potter'... Jackie Chan's usual charm... and Jet Li actually smiles more than I have ever seen him do in character! Can't beat that. :) Scenery is GORGEOUS... the American scenes were actually set up in China, and you can tell... everything is too clean. :) I fell in love with it to the extent that I even bought a copy of 'Monkey'.
SFW(So Fuckin' What)
"An alienated and misanthropic teenager gains sudden and unwanted celebrity status after he's taken hostage by terrorists where his indifference to their threats to kill him makes news headlines."
THE CROW (Brandon Lee version only)
"Nothing is trivial..."

"A poetic guitarist Eric Draven is brought back to life by a crow a year after he and his fiancée are murdered. The crow guides him through the land of the living, and leads him to his killers..."


"An overstressed suburbanite and his paramilitaric neighbor struggle to prove their paranoid theory that the new family in town is a front for a cannibalistic cult."

Office Space
"You don' need a million bucks to do nothin'. My cousin's flat broke, doesn't do SHIT." :)
"Death by stereo..."

"Shoveling the turkey and stuffing the snow..."
"Into the house---everyone! Before we're on the evening news!"
Evelyn Couch is having trouble in her marriage, and no one seems to take her seriously. While in a nursing home visiting relatives, she meets Ninny Threadgoode, an outgoing old woman, who tells her the story of Idgie Threadgoode, a young woman in 1920's Alabama. Through Idgie's inspiring life, Evelyn learns to be more assertive and builds a lasting friendship of her own with Ninny.

"The secret's in the SAUCE..." >:) hehehehe

While driving alone through the Australia outback with his dingo, the truck driver Patrick Quid becomes aware that a serial killer is attacking women and he suspects that the driver of a green van is the murderer and is getting rid of the bodies in pieces in plastic bags burying them in the desert. On his way to Perth with a load of pork meat, he gives a ride to the hitchhiker Pamela Rushworth and tells his theory about the killer to her. When they park in a gas station, they see the van and Pamela decides to break in the car to investigate. When Pamela disappears, Pat pursuits the van while he becomes the prime suspect of the police.

"Just because I drive a truck, does NOT make me a truck driver."

Thanks to the writing, a basically crap plot ends up being right up there with Rear Window.


Most POIGNANT bit o' camp you'll ever see.

Right up there with ROCKY HORROR... but without the TALENT. :)

"The classic stage hit gets the Hollywood treatment in the story of Elwood P. Dowd who makes friends with a spirit taking the form of a human-sized rabbit named Harvey that only he sees (and a few privileged others on occasion also.) After his sister tries to commit him to a mental institution, a comedy of errors ensues. Elwood and Harvey become the catalysts for a family mending its wounds and for romance blossoming in unexpected places."

... Jimmy Stewart is d' bomb....
hehehe... I think Buddy is a Pookah. :)

Tank Girl... *sigh* I see little bits of m'self there, too. :)
"Feeling a little INADEQUATE?" :)
SEE THE POKER HOUSE to be EXTREMELY impressed with Lori Petty!!!

"Lori Petty tells her life through her character Agnes. Agnes is a 14 year old girl, an aspiring basketball player with straight As. Set in 1976, THE POKER HOUSE explores a typical day in the life of a decidedly atypical teen named Agnes. Some folks have the luxury of living each day to the fullest, but for Agnes every day is a grueling struggle for survival: Her mother is strung out on drugs, her home has been overrun by degenerates, and her only father figure is a pimp. For Agnes and her two younger sisters, this particular day will be marked by both tragedy and triumph..."

Lord of the Rings Trilogy, of course.
I've never laughed harder in recent years than the American Pie flix.

Offsite Vid

Craig Ferguson Dennis Leary, Asshole Bloodhound Gang, Fire Water Burn-'Cmon party people. :)' King Missile, Detachable Penis West Hollywood Lifestyle - Charlie Chill
Triumph vs Star Wars Geeks Dub-yuh Garfunkel and Oates Religulous Trailer Weapon Of Choice - Fatboy Slim
Bowie and Bolan By Stevie Riks - dude's unreal! Alice's Restaurant Group W Bench Dominic Monaghan Hates American Idol Dominic Monaghan Talks About Recycled Toilet Paper on Late Late Show The GREATEST, GREATEST, GREATEST SHOW OF 2010!
Listen to the Band King Missile - Gay/Not Gay ! Whale - Hobo Humpin Slobo Babe If I watch most of a video trying to decide if it's the car wreck effect or not (know it's horrible but you have to look) it stays. :) Turn the tables with our unity
They neither moral nor majority
Wake up and smell the coffee
Or just say no to individuality
They can't hear a word we've said
When we pretend that we're dead

Whadda face. :)

Hunting Down the Annoying Thing
Friend of mine used to say this was her view of me, when she first started working with me. :)

As I see it: