The BUDDY Scrapbook
(Literally--I just threw these pics up as we clicked.
Hope to get around to cleaning it up, sometime.)

Buddy is my genius cat. :)

He brings me fuzzy earmuffs as a gift, when he wants attention. He sings a little song as he delivers it, so I know he's coming.

If I leave a room, and close the door so he can't follow, he'll be lying beside it, WITH a pair of earmuffs, when I return. :)

He tries to turn doorknobs with his nose.

He comes when I whistle. He knows what specific songs mean.

He demands TP for his litter box. :) [If I don't provide him with shredded paper, in a box in front of the door, he makes his own out of whatever is handy. After all, would YOU want to dig in that? Ew. :)]

He pats my nose when the alarm goes off, every morning. If I ignore him, he runs over my head. If I ignore that, he climbs on a bookcase, and dive-bombs me, butt first. :) Thanks to him, I've been able to wake up laughing every morning for the last 7 years.

When I stroke his head, he strokes my cheek in return.

He has never scratched me, even when getting a BATH.

We go for walks in the back yard, but he's afraid to go without me. He'll wait by the back door, till I follow.

I can no longer imagine life without this amazing little guy. My mother calls him "Spooky." :)




That's a stick I had to give him because
I let his snake get away.




He brings me fuzzy earmuffs as a gift when he wants my attention.



October, 2009

He tries to turn doorknobs with his nose.